What We Do

We guide our clients through the ever changing planning process

Our main objectives are to unlock the hidden value in our clients’ land and deliver a fantastic new neighbourhood that we can all be proud of by:

Helping our clients identify the potential worth of their land with a forensic analysis of the local policy and physical landscape.

Guiding our clients through the ever-changing planning process to identify the right solution for their land, establishing policy support where possible before we move forward.

Obtaining planning consent and then managing the marketing process to sell the land to housebuilders or developers. We actively pursue the best return for our clients and improve the living experience in and around the development.


About Planning
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  • Assess the Land
  • Promotion Agreement
  • Planning Strategy
  • Community Engagement
  • Permission and Sale
  • We maximise land value for landowners across the country.

    Our teams’ experience and expertise enables landowners to make key strategic development decisions.

    As experts in delivery and promotion of strategic land, green belt or brownfield, large or small, our Strategic Land team ensure clients get the most out of their land and realise its full potential.

    We’ll assess the residential market locally to gauge the lands potential. By doing this we will uncover potential constraints that may affect a development and advise on the best strategy and likely timescales to achieve Planning Permission.

  • We use promotion agreements to apply for planning permission for a development on our clients’ land

    We act in a promotional capacity because we are partners with landowners. Our primary aim is to maximise value of the land for our clients by taking it to the open market through formal planning promotion agreements.

    We do this by securing planning permission before taking Strategic Land to housebuilders in the marketplace. Since 2010, we have promoted sites with capacity for over 2500 homes.

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  • We simplify the planning process, helping landowners navigate through what can be an overwhelming journey

    Covering the residential, retail and commercial sectors, our team of specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of the everchanging planning systems.

    We work with landowners with the aim of securing support from local authorities that will unlock the potential of their sites.

    This expertise helps to secure the planning permission to unlock the full potential of land that our client’s control.

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  • Our approach to engagement enables all members of the community to view and discuss proposals in full

    We view meaningful public consultation as a vital part of the planning process and work with politicians, residents, and planners highlighting the benefits to local communities of bringing forward land for residential led development to help secure planning permission.

    Promoting suitable and sustainable land, we work closely in collaboration with our partners the landowners, Local Authorities and local residents to help communities evolve.

    Mactaggart & Mickel always seeks to consult and engage with the local community and stakeholders on any proposed development.

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  • The Mactaggart & Mickel Strategic Land team are with our clients every step of the way towards disposal of land

    It is our role to lead development projects through the decision stage of the planning process before bringing land to the marketplace.

    By promoting your land to Local Authorities and securing an allocation or planning permission on your behalf, Mactaggart & Mickel take the risk out of land development.

    As we only receive payment once consent is granted and the site sold, we work quickly and effectively and ensure there is no up-front exposure for landowners.

    Due to our thorough groundwork, we secure planning consent comparatively quickly and we are proud of a success rate in excess of 75% in applying and securing planning permission – rooted in our robust land analysis and detailed planning strategy.

    Permission and Sale
Track Record

Our goal is achieving the maximum potential asset value for our clients through the planning and land promotion process. Our clients think we're good at it.

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