• Stuart Clumpas, Landowner, Killearn

    "I was approached by a number of developers about my land in Killearn but ultimately chose Mac Mic to work with.

    I had a very strong personal vision for what should happen on the land in terms of quality, placemaking and respecting the immediate neighbours.

    Working with Mac Mic Group felt more like collaborating with a partner rather than being silent, as they shared my vision of creating a thriving new community that contributed towards the existing village rather than detracting from it.

    I received regular updates, was listened to and was involved throughout the planning and design process and I believe that this collaborative approach has led to a successful development that everyone can be proud of.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other landowners.”

Richard Edwards, Landowner, Hampshire

“I have been working with Mac Mic for several years now. I was first of all approached by Conor Roberts and we struck up a good working relationship.

We have had a lot of complications with covenants on the land and they have worked very hard to get to where we are today.

If I had to describe Mac Mic in three words, the first three that spring to mind are professional, fair and persistent and that’s what got this across the line!

From my experience of working with Mac Mic I would definitely recommend them to other landowners in a similar position to myself.

I have been approached by lots of land developers over the last 10-15 years on this particular bit of land. So far Mac Mic have been the only ones to come up with a workable solution.”

  • Moray Stewart, Land Director, CALA Homes

    "Mac Mic’s persistence, patience and expertise unlocked an extremely attractive development opportunity of high quality that CALA were delighted to be able to partner with them on.

    It was evident that they had taken time to consider the right approach to creating an excellent environment to build and sell homes.

    The have an experienced team of quality individuals who made the process  straight forward and both businesses benefited from the excellent partnership.

    We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Mac Mic team and look forward to working with them going forward.”

Chris Newman, Partner, Haslams Surveyors

“Our experience of working with Mac Mic has been positive, from the start they were very straightforward to deal with. 

If I had to describe Mac Mic in three words, I would use reliable, knowledgeable and experienced.

I’d certainly recommend Mac Mic to other landowners. They don’t have a lengthy board approval process to go through like other promoters do.

They are just really easy to deal with and straightforward communicators. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

  • Scott Winnard, Partner, Bruton Knowles

    "Nowadays in selecting a promoter, it is all about track record.  Mac Mic have a solid track record and we are pleased to recommend them to our landowner clients.

    I find Mac Mic very approachable and what is slightly different about them also is that they are family-led and we get to talk to the family who run the business.

    When dealing with Mac Mic what is important to us is the ease of the legal process and we have always found that to be straightforward.” 

Adam Hesse, Owner, Aston Mead 

“Working with the Mac Mic Group team on this promotion agreement has been a real pleasure.  Their level of preparation and attention to detail was truly impressive.

Throughout the process they were incredibly helpful and responsive, making the whole thing a positive experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mac Mic or to work with them again in the future."