For almost a century, Mac Mic Group has nurtured a deep commitment to making a positive impact on our communities, partners, and people, driven by the pursuit of sustainable value for all.

As a property and land company, supporting local communities through charitable initiatives is not just a box we tick, nor a mere trend we follow. Philanthropy is embedded in our roots and culture.

When it comes to placemaking strategy, we are focused on balancing achieving the maximum potential asset value for our clients, with shaping vibrant communities through healthy design- creating places where people not only want to live, but also thrive. We aim to leave a legacy that we can all be proud of, one that fosters connection and well-being.


  • We cultivate and maintain excellent relationships with our clients, partners, and consultants. This collaborative approach, built on trust and respect, often leads to long-term partnerships.

    Finally, Mac Mic Group fosters a supportive and rewarding work environment, making us an employer of choice. We value our people, and this is reflected in the impressive average tenure of 11 years within our team – more than double the UK average. This dedication and stability are essential ingredients in our ongoing commitment to creating positive impact and building a brighter future.