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Promotion Agreement

We use promotion agreements to apply for planning permission for a development on our client' land

Mactaggart & Mickel act in a promotional capacity in partnership with landowners.

Our primary aim is to maximise the value of highly-prized land and profitability for our clients in a hassle-free way by taking it to the open market through formal planning promotion agreements.

As strategic land promoters, we do this by securing land planning permission before taking land to housebuilders in the marketplace.

Since 2010, the Mactaggart & Mickel Strategic Land Division have successfully promoted sites with capacity for over 2500 homes.

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  • Planning Promotion Agreements

    When land is deemed suitable for development, the Mactaggart & Mickel Strategic Land Division team use all their experience, technical expertise, local knowledge and contacts to advise landowners on the various options to maximise return on their property.

    The success of the Mactaggart & Mickel Strategic Land Division and the reason landowners know we are a company they can trust, is built upon establishing strong partnerships with landowners through Land Promotion Agreements – which are also known as Planning Promotion Agreements.

    Experience of the planning process tells us that Land Promotion Agreements represent the most effective and efficient way for landowners to obtain the expertise and financial support required to secure planning permission for development on their property.

    A Land Promotion Agreement with Mactaggart & Mickel gives the landowner a contract which obliges Mactaggart & Mickel to promote the landowner’s land through the planning process as a collaborative joint venture to secure planning permission. 

    Mactaggart & Mickel take the strain and once we have successfully guided land through the planning process, we work with landowners to market the property for sale on the open market and sell the land to a developer in the residential sector.

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Other Options

There are alternatives which are worth considering but experience tells us they are less effective than Land Promotion Agreements. The other options are:

  • A landowner may want to go it alone and try to secure planning consent and appoint a builder to build upon the property.

This can prove to be costly in terms of time and money due to the technical work required to support a planning application which can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds because securing planning permission is rarely straightforward.

  • The landowner could strike a conditional sale agreement with the potential developer which places a legal obligation on the developer to purchase the land, subject to planning consent.

Developers are unlikely to favour this option when the planning process and potential profitability are uncertain.

  • Option agreements with property developers are often used but we know that they do not provide landowners with that vital commodity - certainty.

In the event that the option is not acted upon, land will have remained dormant for years and if it is exercised, it may prove difficult to establish true value as the land is denied access to the open marketplace.


Under the terms of the Land Promotion Agreement, landowners face no financial burden.

Mactaggart & Mickel will meet all the planning costs to de-risk the process for landowners.

Once planning consent is secured and the land is sold, our costs will be met from the percentage agreed that Mactaggart & Mickel will be paid.

Should planning permission not be forthcoming by a pre-agreed date, the Land Promotion Agreement terminates and our costs are not reimbursed.

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