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Planning Strategy

Strategies to help unlock the full value of your land by securing the necessary planning consents.

We support landowners through every stage of the planning process, helping you navigate what could otherwise be an overwhelming journey.

We take the risk out of land development by fully funding the process – and only being rewarded if planning consent is granted and the site is sold. There is no upfront cost for you. 

Our specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of the everchanging planning system and have a 76% success rate in applying and securing planning permission.

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  • Planning Strategy

    We are strategic land promoters with projects throughout England and Scotland. In recent years, we have developed a focus on the South East and South West of England.

    We identify strategies to maximise the development prospects of sites through the plan-making process in the short, medium and longer term. We also provide clear advice on the appropriate steps and actions to be taken at each stage in the process.

    With larger schemes involving more than one landowner, we help structure the scheme’s delivery to maximise the site’s value, while mitigating tax. We also help negotiate with neighbours to smooth the planning process.

    Whether your site is large or small, at all stages we focus on your needs to deliver site strategies that are individually tailored to your requirements.

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Our approach

Our thorough approach to strategic land promotion allows sites to progress through the planning process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Land promotion could involve initially securing an allocation for the development of land within a Local Plan or submitting an early planning application where an authority cannot demonstrate a sufficient supply of housing land. With our extensive experience, we are well-placed to advise on which strategy will be most appropriate.

We also offer a keen understanding of how the planning system interacts with the sustainability agenda and wider environmental, social, and economic strategies set by government and local planning authorities.

Importantly, we understand how these strategies can be delivered through specific development proposals. This understanding underpins our innovative approach to influencing local planning policy and land-use decision making.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of planning and development enables us to bring forward a diverse range of sites, from proposal through to delivery. Landowners can partner with us, and take future investment decisions, with the confidence that Mactaggart & Mickel will maximise their site’s development potential, and subsequent property values.

Our team offers a wealth of experience in creating robust land planning strategies. We have excellent connections with our landowner partners, agents, developers, and specialist consultants.

If you are a landowner, or know a landowner, who is interested in realising the full potential of a site, please contact us to find out how we could help.

Our experience

Most of the land we work with involves residential development, but our experience covers a wide variety of sites including mixed-use Garden Communities incorporating thousands of homes, settlement infilling, and urban extensions.

Our projects range from five to over 350 acres, with sites of 15 acres usually delivering a minimum of 150 new homes, depending on the area.

Our experienced team includes chartered surveyors and planners with extensive knowledge of land acquisition, planning and development processes for a wide variety of projects. These range from the delivery of strategic land sites for residential and mixed-use schemes, to unique bespoke-designed properties. The result is a one-stop service to landowners, helping you plan for, and realise maximum value, while considering legacy.

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Landowners with surplus land to dispose of for much-needed housing development should contact the Mactaggart & Mickel Strategic Land Division for a confidential chat via:

Track record

Our goal is achieving the maximum potential asset value for our clients through the planning and land promotion process. Our clients think we're good at it.

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