Meaningful community engagement is at the heart of our approach to land development and promotion

By encouraging and facilitating the involvement of residents and other stakeholders in the planning process, we help your site to achieve planning permission as smoothly as possible. 

We see engagement as far more than a box-ticking exercise. It’s about building trust with the local community, reassuring people that their views matter and helping them to see how they can play a part in what their community will be like in the future.

The end result is a legacy that we can all be proud of, a development that has community buy-in because it meets local needs.

  • Our aim is always to engage the “silent majority”, so that we gain an all-round understanding of the aspirations and concerns that different people have within the community. We aim to reflect this insight in the proposals we bring forward. By fronting this process, we also take the heat out of consultations for landowners, leaving you free to get on with your core activities.

    Our approach

    We are guided by our conviction that engaging in genuine two-way discussion with people is key to unlocking a site’s full potential. We work with politicians, councillors, planners, and residents to bring forward a proposal that serves the community. 

    We understand that the prospect of change can be unsettling for some people and exciting for others. We take time to listen to people’s aspirations for their area, as well as any concerns they have. 

    By starting conversations with stakeholders and residents at an early stage, we aim to give people a sense of ownership about how a proposal might shape their neighbourhood. We underline the potential benefits a development could bring. However, we also address the issues that emerge as most pertinent to the area, such as traffic, flood mitigation or the provision of education and health services.

    Through a blend of traditional events and digital platforms, we aim to run inclusive consultations that engage a broad cross-section of the community, reflecting its diversity. 

    Wherever possible, we adapt our proposals in the light of constructive community feedback, and if we are unable to make a requested change, we explain our reasoning.


    Our team offers a wealth of engagement experience drawn from sites of all sizes, across both Scotland and England. Mactaggart & Mickel are a trusted face in the communities we operate in and care about the legacy we leave. Good community and stakeholder engagement is at the heart of everything we do.