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Permission and Sale

Help through every stage of the planning journey towards the successful sale of your land.

We manage development projects through the decision-making phase of the planning process before bringing land to the marketplace and ensuring that landowners get the best possible deal.

There is no upfront cost for you. Furthermore, by promoting your land to local authorities and securing an allocation or planning permission on your behalf, you are free to focus on your core activities.

Thanks to our robust land analysis and detailed planning strategy, we secure planning consent comparatively quickly.

  • Strategic land development
  • Permission and Sale

    There is a massive disparity between the value of land with planning permission and land without. Land with planning permission can be worth 100 times more than land with no planning.

    The biggest financial gains are when you transform a plot of land without planning permission into one with planning permission. So, it can be worth considering whether your land, with tactful and sensitive promotion, has the potential to gain consent for residential led development.

    The success of this approach often hinges on proposing the right scheme. Housebuilders will want to control the whole planning process and bring forward their own development. But by obtaining your own planning permission, and with some discerning marketing, it is possible to sell a site to a developer for a far higher price than they would have wished to pay. This is where we come in.

    We can help you to navigate the complex planning process so that your site can be sold with planning permission, maximising your return on investment. 

    The road to achieving planning permission is complex and uncertain, with long delays and it can be very costly.  By de-risking this process, we give you as a landowner more certainty and control of your future plans for your site.

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If you are a developer looking for new opportunities, or a landowner who is interested in exploring the development opportunities available for your land, please contact us for further information about how we can help.

Our Strategic Land team has a wealth of experience in identifying new strategic land opportunities and steering site with development potential through the planning process.


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Our goal is achieving the maximum potential asset value for our clients through the planning and land promotion process. Our clients think we're good at it.

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