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Mactaggart & Mickel welcome Planning Inspectorate decision on Nailsea development

Mactaggart & Mickel have welcomed a Planning Inspectorate decision to grant planning permission for 450 new homes in Nailsea, North Somerset.

The Planning Inspectorate ruled in favour of Mactaggart & Mickel after the company’s appealed North Somerset Council’s failure to determine a application for outline planning permission submitted in June 2016.

The appeal relates to land north of Youngwood Lane and east of Netherton Wood Lane, Nailsea, and the proposed development includes approximately 450 homes, access roads, footways, cycleways, open space and landscaping.

Mactaggart & Mickel’s Head of Strategic Land, Ken Hopkins, said:

“We welcome the decision of the Planning Inspectorate to allow our appeal and grant planning permission for 450 new homes in Nailsea.

“It is well known that the West of England needs thousands of new and affordable homes to be built every year, and this need is growing.

“A public consultation in 2016 revealed support for new homes that will provide local people somewhere to live and help Nailsea continue to thrive.

“Following three years of waiting for a decision from the council, we asked the Planning Inspectorate to decide whether we can get on and build these homes.

“We have worked hard to get to this stage and are glad that the decision of the inspectorate will allow us to progress these plans.”

Glasgow-headquartered Mactaggart & Mickel have been promoting land to the north of Youngwood Lane, Nailsea for development since 2013.

Mactaggart & Mickel submitted a planning application to build 450 new homes in a parkland setting north of Youngwood Lane and east of Netherton Wood Lane in June 2016.

The site is outside the green belt and was identified as suitable for housing by North Somerset Council.

The Planning Inspectorate held an inquiry in September 2019 and published its decision to allow Mactaggart and Mickel’s appeal and grant planning permission on 1 November 2019.

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